Friday, September 15, 2006

Chat Log #03 Dotagod TanLaw and "Sister"

Scenario: Dotagod TanLaw uses his own messenger to chat with friends.

Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw* my OWNAGE vision tells me you are invisible

"Sister" appears offline. Your message may not be received.

"Sister": wahahah
Dotagod TanLaw: no one can hide from me
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": so cnu inoownage mu ngyn hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: hindi ko sila kinikilala, too many...
Dotagod TanLaw: they are not worth remembering
"Sister": hahaha

Lawrence logged into his yahoo messenger.

Dotagod TanLaw: what the??
Dotagod TanLaw: an impostor
"Sister": huh????
Dotagod TanLaw: someone is using my old account (Law)
"Sister": ahahaha
"Sister": tsk tsk tsk
"Sister": maybe bcoz
"Sister": ur not u haha
"Sister": joke
Dotagod TanLaw: you're talking nonsense
Dotagod TanLaw: how could i not be me
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": cge ur name is?
Dotagod TanLaw: Lawrence
"Sister": cough,cough*deryk*cough
Dotagod TanLaw: a.k.a Dotagod
Dotagod TanLaw: I am not Deryk
Dotagod TanLaw: Deryk is a loser
"Sister": :))
Dotagod TanLaw: you dont believe me?
"Sister": wala lng hehhee
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
"Sister": how wud i know u really aren't deryk?
Dotagod TanLaw: who is this deryk you are referring to?
Dotagod TanLaw: if you know him, why not ask?
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
"Sister": bcoz i myt get a lie hehe
"Sister": since i can't see u guys in person
Dotagod TanLaw: ohh so you mean this deryk is offline?
"Sister": no this deryk is online
Dotagod TanLaw: i see
Dotagod TanLaw: then I shall OWNAGE him
Dotagod TanLaw: what is his yahoo id?
"Sister": think of his playing style
Dotagod TanLaw: i dont know this deryk
Dotagod TanLaw: he must be a noob
"Sister": really?
Dotagod TanLaw: must be.. because i do not know of that person
"Sister": but ddnt u play with him during our dota tournament in gamedes?
Dotagod TanLaw: ohh that deryk
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
"Sister": hahhaa
Dotagod TanLaw: he is 20 years too early to be compared to me
"Sister": really now,
"Sister": bcoz i find him quite good
Dotagod TanLaw: im much much better
"Sister": haha really?
"Sister": really?*
Dotagod TanLaw: of course
Dotagod TanLaw: thats why im DOTAGOD
"Sister": hehe fyn fyn
"Sister": i believe u..
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: now you are in the path of truth
"Sister": haha
"Sister": ey bkt labas nang labas yung message n "dotagod_tanlaw is using an older version of Yahoo!

Messenger and certain features may be unavailable. Click here to invite dotagod_tanlaw to upgrade."
"Sister": naddc k b?
Dotagod TanLaw: no
"Sister": ic
"Sister": weird hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: its because I use Yahoo Messenger OWNAGE version
"Sister": owell
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": ryt
"Sister": hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: its true
Dotagod TanLaw: i also use Windows OE (Ownage Edition)
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": never heard if such a thing! hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: its because i programmed it myself
Dotagod TanLaw: i am not called Dotagod for nothing
Dotagod TanLaw: in fact i have millions of disciples worldwide
"Sister": hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: also i played in the Singapore World Cybergames 2006
Dotagod TanLaw: unfortunately nagkasakit ako nung game day, kaya talo Philippines
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": ganun
"Sister": awwww
"Sister": bad k!
"Sister": haha
Dotagod TanLaw: wei sha mo? (why?)
Dotagod TanLaw: my opponents poisioned my food
"Sister": "for my ppol"
Dotagod TanLaw: kasi alam nila sure win kami if I play
"Sister": yin wei ni bu can zia na ge bi sai (because you didnt join the competition)
"Sister": yin wei ni zuo ge traitor (because you are traitor)
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": kai wan xiao de ah (I'm just kidding)
Dotagod TanLaw: in wei ta men yaw wo se le (because they wanted me dead)
"Sister": zhen de me? (really?)
Dotagod TanLaw: zhen de (really)
"Sister": na you ah.... (how can that be?)
Dotagod TanLaw: in wei wo shr dotagod (because I am dotagod)
"Sister": bu hui ba... (cant be)
Dotagod TanLaw: zhen de (really)
"Sister": ta men bu shi huai ren (they are not bad people)
Dotagod TanLaw: tan shr.. ta men yaw wo shi (but, they want me dead)
Dotagod TanLaw: in wei wo haw li hay (because i am so great)
"Sister": zhen de?! (really?)
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": ni zhen niang zuo ge haw li hay de dota player (how did you become a great dota player?)
Dotagod TanLaw: wo shr tien tsay (i am a genius)
"Sister": wahahaha!!!

After 5 minutes..

"Sister": so quiet
"Sister": wat happened? nothing more to say? hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
"Sister": well? no more?
Dotagod TanLaw: sorry, nagbabattle net kasi ako
Dotagod TanLaw: alt tab alt tab lang
"Sister": tell me about ur games kaya maybe i will learn something from d master hahaha
"Sister": aba! milagro nagtagalog!
"Sister": nung isang araw k p puro english e hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: talaga?
Dotagod TanLaw: ako po ay pinoy
Dotagod TanLaw: may puso't diwa
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": cge i won't disturb ur game muna hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: no problemo
Dotagod TanLaw: im also blogging
Dotagod TanLaw: ganun tlga ako maglaro
Dotagod TanLaw: lagi nga 1 versus 5 ako eh... kasi nakakatamad sila... mahihina
"Sister": hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: by the way
"Sister": w8 lng
Dotagod TanLaw: why are you chatting with the impostor? (Lawrence)
Dotagod TanLaw: he is the fake one
"Sister": y is it a crime?
"Sister": hehehe
"Sister": and how did u know?
Dotagod TanLaw: my Dotagod senses indicate that you are chatting with the impostor.
"Sister": wahahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": wats with the guffaw?
"Sister": haha
Dotagod TanLaw: its my trademark
"Sister": alryt
"Sister": how does dat sound?
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw* is *guffaw*
"Sister": i think i've never heard someone guffaw
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw* thats because, its original by yours truly
"Sister": nah i've read it in books b4
"Sister": i just never heard it being done
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw* true true
"Sister": haha
"Sister": it's weird when i read it hahaha
"Sister": by the way have u watched any good movies lately/
"Sister": ?
Dotagod TanLaw: movies? I only watch my DotA ownage replays
"Sister": aww ur no fun...
"Sister": i watched a movie knina
"Sister": un john tucker must die uber lafftrip hehhee
"Sister": maybe u cud watch it sometime
"Sister": so dat ur eyes won't be glued to the computer screen hehehe
Dotagod TanLaw: i have glasses naman
Dotagod TanLaw: i can bring Dotababe along
"Sister": oooh
"Sister": who's she?
"Sister": ur gf?
"Sister": hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: you dont know my dotababe?
Dotagod TanLaw: how cud u?
Dotagod TanLaw: i give you clue
"Sister": hey i haven't known u for a long tym....
Dotagod TanLaw: nickname has 4 letters
"Sister": and?
Dotagod TanLaw: there are two repeating letters
"Sister": edel?
"Sister": hahaha
"Sister": yihee
"Sister": naku may kaagaw k nyan
"Sister": tsk tsk tsk
Dotagod TanLaw: wth
Dotagod TanLaw: not edel
Dotagod TanLaw: bali there are only 2 unique letters
Dotagod TanLaw: cmon, its obvious!! *guffaw*

End Result: This chat log is only 3/4 of the actual log. What happened in the end was Dotagod slept after 11pm.
PS. That is his sleeping time.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chat Logs #02 Dotagod TanLaw flirts

Scenario: Dotagod TanLaw wants to be Mr. Suave. Here is his version of picking up babes.

Scene 1
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Babe: mzta
Babe: haha
Dotagod TanLaw: haha OWNING as usual
Babe: wat da
Babe: cge na nga
Dotagod TanLaw: wanna watch my DotA game?
Babe: hahah
Babe: nxt tym
Babe: ey lis na me
Babe: bayeeeee
Dotagod TanLaw: aww :(
Babe: ahha uuwi na kasi me
Babe: hehe
Babe: bayee
Dotagod TanLaw: okay
Dotagod TanLaw: babay :(
Babe: maya nalng, pag bahay na me
Babe: hehe
Dotagod TanLaw: okay
Dotagod TanLaw: happy :D

Scene 2
Dotagod TanLaw: welcome back
Babe: tnx
Dotagod TanLaw: wanna watch me OWNAGE?
Babe: haha sure, how
Dotagod TanLaw: let me think
Dotagod TanLaw: i know
Dotagod TanLaw: punta ka house namin
Dotagod TanLaw: i invite thee
Dotagod TanLaw: nasa Escolta lang naman kami
Babe: hahaha
Babe: tapos, manonood lng me?
Babe: :))
Babe: cno ioownage mu
Dotagod TanLaw: everyone
Dotagod TanLaw: hmm
Dotagod TanLaw: wanna OWNAGE with me?
Babe: :))
Dotagod TanLaw: is that a yes?
Babe: no
Babe: :)
Dotagod TanLaw: why?
Dotagod TanLaw: its a chance of a lifetime
Babe: nvrmind
Babe: :D
Dotagod TanLaw: aww
Dotagod TanLaw: sad :(
Dotagod TanLaw: see my status
Babe: ahahahahaha
Babe: sabi mo e
Babe: hanap ka nalng ng ibang iownage
Dotagod TanLaw: owning alone is sad
Babe: kaya nga hanap ka
Babe: hehe
Dotagod TanLaw: :((
Dotagod TanLaw: its not the same
Babe: why not the same?
Dotagod TanLaw: because i want to OWNAGE with you
Babe: d me marunong magdota e
Dotagod TanLaw: its okay
Dotagod TanLaw: you stay in fountain
Dotagod TanLaw: and watch me OWNAGE
Babe: hahaha ganon
Babe: cge, nxt tym
Babe: ey cge lis muna me
Dotagod TanLaw: sad
Dotagod TanLaw: :(
Babe: hahaha bkt
Dotagod TanLaw: kasi alis ka na :(
Babe: find other people to OWNAGE w/u bayee
Dotagod TanLaw: ok..
Dotagod TanLaw: bayee :(

End Result: FAILED!! Its alright. No one is perfect.

Chat Logs #01 Dotagod TanLaw vs. Lawrence

Scenario: Dotagod TanLaw is online simultaneously with Lawrence Tan. Since Dotagod TanLaw claims himself to be the real Lawrence Tan, he then faces the "impostor".

Dotagod TanLaw: what the
Dotagod TanLaw: who are you?
Dotagod TanLaw: you impostor
Lawrence: ur teh impostor
Lawrence: the real dotagod
Lawrence: wudnt admit he's dotagod
Dotagod TanLaw: what??
Dotagod TanLaw: fool!
Dotagod TanLaw: you're the fake
Dotagod TanLaw: because you are not dotagod
Lawrence: wat makes u real den?
Dotagod TanLaw: my mere existence makes me real
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Lawrence: wat?
Lawrence: haha seems lyk u cant say anything
Dotagod TanLaw: wat?
Lawrence: ohh ym so lag
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: poor quality
Dotagod TanLaw: mine is OWNAGE-quality
Lawrence: moo moo?
Dotagod TanLaw: you're a cow?
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: i knew it
Lawrence: deryk nga hahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: who's deryk?
Dotagod TanLaw: that gay?
Lawrence: ikaw ung mahilig sa *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: of course I like to *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: its my trademark
Lawrence: gay?
Lawrence: wtf
Lawrence: callingurself gay
Lawrence: btw
Lawrence: wy did u call me impostor?
Lawrence: as if im a dotagod wannabe
Dotagod TanLaw: because your using my old account
Lawrence: this is MY account
Dotagod TanLaw: it was mine
Dotagod TanLaw: you old account thief
Dotagod TanLaw: tell me, what is your name?
Lawrence: Lawrence
Dotagod TanLaw: what the
Dotagod TanLaw: you have the same name as i do
Dotagod TanLaw: you really are an impostor
Lawrence: nahh
Lawrence: the real dotagod, cares nothing bout impostors
Dotagod TanLaw: how can you tell? you're no dotagod
Dotagod TanLaw: unless you call yourself dotagod, you cannot say what I do and doesnt do
Lawrence: "how can you tell? you're no dotagod" <- you're not dotagod either, bec if u are, u wud already object
Dotagod TanLaw: i am objecting!
Lawrence: but if u are dotagod, u wud say "i care abotu impostors"
Lawrence: whahaha
Dotagod TanLaw: you have broken logic
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw* i understand
Dotagod TanLaw: you must be someone I OWNAGED
Dotagod TanLaw: hehe
Lawrence: ey
Lawrence: ?
Dotagod TanLaw: what?
Lawrence: do u know allen gurrea?
Lawrence: do u know him?
Lawrence: allen gurrea
Dotagod TanLaw: allen who?
Lawrence: allen michael gurrea
Lawrence: do u know him?
Lawrence: y cant u reply
Lawrence: hey
Dotagod TanLaw: must be my disciple
Dotagod TanLaw: i dont keep track of them
Dotagod TanLaw: too many
Lawrence: so u know him ryt?
Lawrence: so, do u know him or not?
Dotagod TanLaw: of course i do
Dotagod TanLaw: he played with me in one of my tournaments
Dotagod TanLaw: sumawsaw siya sa victories ko
Lawrence: gud
Lawrence: i gotta tell u
Lawrence: he is gay
Lawrence: allen is gay!
Lawrence: allen is gay!
Lawrence: ^_________^
Dotagod TanLaw: you cant call my disciple gay
Dotagod TanLaw: you must be gay
Dotagod TanLaw: wala ako pake sa gender issues. basta he made my team complete and eligible to play
Lawrence: lol im not
Lawrence: you are Allen
Lawrence: hey
Dotagod TanLaw: what?
Dotagod TanLaw: dont refer to me as someone you call gay
Dotagod TanLaw: i am dotagod
Dotagod TanLaw: you are impostor
Lawrence: kilala ka ni bash dba
Lawrence: i ask bash bout something
Dotagod TanLaw: bash? must be my disciple
Lawrence: bash says dotagod sees allen as gay
Lawrence: since u dont seem to admit so
Lawrence: u are an impostor
Dotagod TanLaw: ha
Dotagod TanLaw: i ignore you
Dotagod TanLaw: i go chat with my dotababe instead
Lawrence: go ahead
Lawrence: i dont believe u
Dotagod TanLaw: fine!
Dotagod TanLaw: farewell
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: my dotababe left me
Lawrence: hi bash
Lawrence: nice excuse a while ago
Dotagod TanLaw: now you call me bash?
Dotagod TanLaw: you mst b insane
Dotagod TanLaw: according to my dotagod senses, bash is away at the moment
Dotagod TanLaw: how could i be bash?
Lawrence: -__-
Dotagod TanLaw: -__- ?
Lawrence: im tired
Lawrence: of finding who u are....
Lawrence: hay hayzzz
Dotagod TanLaw: *guffaw*
Dotagod TanLaw: thats because
Dotagod TanLaw: i am Lawrence Tan
Dotagod TanLaw: the one and only
Dotagod TanLaw: Dotagod
Lawrence: zzzz
Lawrence: im exhausted
Dotagod TanLaw: im paxi
Dotagod TanLaw: jk lng
Lawrence: paxi doesnt speak chinese
Dotagod TanLaw: kaya nga jk eh
Dotagod TanLaw: i am none other than Lawrence Tan
Lawrence: im gonna be afk for a while and rest my mind for a bit
Dotagod TanLaw: okay mr impostor

End Result: Lawrence didn't find out the real identity of Dotagod TanLaw.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fake Dotagods

What the hell? No wonder my name is being booed at and hated by many people. It is because of those losers posing as Dotagods who makes me look bad. People like "Bleh70" shouldn't even be called a Dotagod. It's the biggest insult I have ever heard. It's a sure win to the "Insult the real DotaGod award". Wanna see proof on this "Bleh70" loser? Click this link. Well, theres actually more but they really do not deserve my time so I won't bother with those LOSERS.

Being Dotagod is no easy task. While my disciples number continues to increase (which is good), so does my enemy number (those fools). It appears that this world is not yet ready for a Savior (me). Why? Look at my enemies and you shall see (guffaw).

So what have I been doing lately? Well, you should know that my life doesn't revolve around Dota. I am no fool like those fake Dotagods. I have been spending time lately with my Dotababe. You wanna know who she is? Haha you think?? Well, this should be Heaven-sent news for those fake Dotagods because I won't be around much to kick their ***. *guffaw*

Here is a message for my disciples. Train hard, OWNAGE those braggarts and I shall reward you by OWNING you as well. There is no greater glory than being OWNED by yours truly. *guffaw*

As a bonus, I shall bring Dotababe along to OWN you. This way, you get OWNAGED twice in a game. *guffaw*

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dotagod Aura + Dotababe

Have you ever seen someone play so good that you start worshipping him? Or perhaps have you ever heard of people falling in love because of another's skills? Well, look nowhere else, because I am the living legend.

Going back to the sponsored tournament I mentioned in my previous post, not only did my disciples count increase by 40 (exact count = 46), but also did my girlfriends. Since there were girls who joined the tournament, after playing against me, they started falling in love. My Dotagodness cannot be resisted. Even gays are starting to look at me strangely... ohh sh*t!

But among those ladies who fell in love with me, one of them stands out. For the purpose of her privacy, I shall not write her name here. Nonetheless, our love story began after a game against her team. She was the only one I cannot kill. Moreover, she was the only one who killed me (but I have Aegis). That was a major breakthrough, though I didn't drop my Divine Rapier because of that, but it seems I accidentally dropped my heart. She picked it up without any hesitation.

It won't be long before we begin our story together. When that day comes, my blog will become "our" blog. Instead of just Dotagod, there will be Dotababe as well. We shall OWNAGE together forever. No one can break us apart nor kill any one of us.

Normally, when guys court girls, he'll make impossible promises like "I'll give you anything your heart desires. My love for you can move mountains. etc etc". But those are just words, in my case, I promise her that no one can break us apart in DotA. We will be together forever owning those fools. We shall have our marriage in front of Roshan and after that OWNAGE Roshan as well. And to prove it all, I shall TRIPLE KILL, MONSTER KILL anyone who becomes an obstacle.

Who can ever resist my charms? With my superior intelligence + super good looks + Dotagod aura, no ladies on Earth can resist me. *guffaw* But fear not everyone, I will only love one person at a time. And that person is my Dotababe. *guffaw*

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Another Tournament OWNAGE

Hi, Dotagod TanLaw signing in. After several tournament games in a row, I finally have time to rest up. I've been OWNING one tournament after another using random heroes. What's new? *guffaw*

Today's edition of my DotA adventure will be regarding the tournament set up by our wonderful professor who sponsored my OWNAGE. Everyone in our class and from the other classes have witnessed my greatness. How I TRIPLE KILLED my opponents one after another. As reward for the sponsorship of our professor, I personally gave him a taste of OWNAGE. Now they know why people call me the Dotagod. Its not something I called myself personally, rather its something people call me after playing with/against me. *guffaw*

About the highlights, this tournament is different from my usual one-man team tournaments. This is because we were required to play 5v5 against other groups. Of course, in my group we were called Team ONIJ, because of me. Originally they planned on staying at the fountain and watch me OWN the game, but I cannot accept that. I told them it would be more fun to OWN together with me. *guffaw*

Overall, the sponsored tournament wasn't much of a challenge. I even gave my opponents free kills (my teammates) to make them gain confidence. Plus I purposedly dropped divine rapiers (using "poultry" a.k.a. chicken) for them as "game balance" tactics. The reason is because it wouldn't be much of a challenge if they don't have strong items like that. I play fair you know. *guffaw*

Just so you know, I average 50 kills per game. But in the sponsored tournament, my average increased by 5. Just do the math. *guffaw*

What about my deaths average? Quoted from my first entry: "Even if its easy to count from zero to one, you wont be counting anything when you look at my deaths column." *guffaw*

Anyway, I'll end my entry here. Battlenet is waiting for DarKNess to come! *guffaw*

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Friday, May 05, 2006

TanLaw is Back!

Its almost been a whole month since I last posted here. If you ask me what I've been doing the past few days.. well, OWNAGE!! What did you expect? *guffaw*

To be honest, I've experienced my first defeat in Battlenet history on April 12, 2006. Congratulations to team "YeuG", "bawalkulot", "tubero1234", and "teamkai". They have proven that through teamwork, even the great Dotagod (also known as me) can be defeated. Well, since this blog is about my Dota Adventures, then even my defeats should be posted here. Unfortunately, this was my only defeat. *guffaw*

The game was a 4v4 battle. My disciples teamed up with me and challenged another team in eurobattlenet. The hero matchup were: (us) Shadow Shaman, Necrolyte, Butcher, and Leviathan vs. (them) Death Prophet, Bane Elemental, Lightning Revenant, and Sand King. In the first half of the game, we were somewhat OWNING them.. unfortunately, afterwards they were able to counter us and just got too powerful after OWNING my disciples. I had a hard time since a lot of their heroes are disablers. In the end, we were beaten and I want to say congratulations to them.

For my fans around the world, I promise that such a shameful game will never again happen. Rather than being a one-man OWNAGE machine.. I shall become the team-supporting Dotagod. That way, things will become much more enjoyable for all. Of course, before I forget, here is the link for the replay of my one and only defeat. *guffaw* download here

Oh, and by the way, some time in April, my disciples encountered in the battlenet one of those fools who flamed my blog. That fool revealed his identity claiming he and his friends flamed my blog, thus in the game, that fool was totally OWNAGED. Too bad for him, he doesn't know what he is doing. *guffaw* If you want to see how this loser (username: "Talizman") was OWNAGED... see it here -> download here *guffaw*

Anyway, I'll be trying out the new GGClient which is somewhat similar to Hamachi. Make sure you try it too, and maybe we'll see each other there. If you're lucky, you might even fight side by side with me and feel the OWNAGE. *guffaw*

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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Time Has Come

Ohh yeah!! Finals is over and after a long break from DotA in the Battlenet, I have finally returned. It didn't take long for me to start OWNAGE-ing again because those so-called "pros" didn't know what hit them. A long time ago, I only join DotA games in the Battlenet where the word "Pros only" appear, but now, it doesn't seem fair for them anymore. 5v5 against pros is like playing DotA against babies. Of course, unless they have good teamwork and uses combo heroes, they don't stand a chance against me (alone). So that is why, recently, I host games with this gamename: "TanLAw OWNAGE Time 1v5 Pros with Teamwork only". I believe that by doing so, I can exercise my real skill and OWNAGE real people rather than the 5 AI (-superai) that I used to practice before.

Well, to be honest, I never had a good game yet under that gamename. The reason being, after I kill 3-4 of them simultaneously, they all leave at once. Its such a shame for them to call themselves "pros". That is why, I now maintain my own Banlist wherein I list all pros & noobs who leaves the game after being OWNED (by me). So far, based on experience, 90% of those who fought against me were added to my Banlist. The remaining 10% begged me to become my disciples. *guffaw*

Believe it or not, its true. One of them even wrote songs about me. I believe it can be found here.

Well, I'm off to the Battlenet again. The world is waiting for me to OWN it. *guffaw*

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Notice to the public

It seems that my blog is creating chaos within the DotA community. I guess I am partially to blame because its hard for people to accept that a superior DotA player like myself exist. But enough about myself, there is something I wish to clear up to the world.

First things first, before anyone write their comments on my posts or tag on my tagboard, please read the disclaimer at the top of my blog. It is written explicitly there that it is NOT me who maintains this blog. In fact, it is my "disciples" who maintains this blog because they wish to share this good to the world. Truth is, I, myself don't know the password for this blog, thus I cannot write any post here.

Bottom line is that, this blog is meant for entertainment purposes only for my batch (C2T7). And most of what is written here is exaggerated for humorous purposes only. Once again, I would like to reiterate that, it is not me (the person being portrayed here) who is writing this. So try not to take this too seriously. ^^

-Law the reaper image hosting by